Dogs Taking Over The Maidstone Hotel

East Hampton NY, June 2015

While living in Germany, we got used to having a comfortable lifestyle with dogs. There are plenty of parks, beaches, hotels and restaurants, as well as other dog-friendly locations to frequent throughout Europe. We had no idea that it could be any different in the US, but unfortunately, when it comes to dogs, it is. Finding a good hotel that satisfies our desire to have a high standard of accommodation and dog-friendly service happens to be not easy at all.

You can only imagine how thrilled we were to find out from our friend Mrs. Sizzle that the owners of the extravagant Swedish dog-friendly hotel ℅ The Maidstone Hotel in East Hampton, NY invited us, the Sizzle sisters and a few friends from ARF Hamptons for a sleepover!

We were told that dogs get to hang out in almost all of the lounges and in most of the hotel and dining rooms. On top of that, the hotel’s celebrated chefs have created a special menu tailored to dogs of any size and dietary preference.

Doesn’t this sound incredible! So guess what? We didn’t think twice and off we went to discover a little dog paradise on Long Island.