My name is Olia, and I’m a photographer and artist based in New York City.

I’m originally from St. Petersburg, Russia. Before moving to NYC in 2008, I lived in Germany and Italy for over fourteen years. My experiences as a student abroad led me to adopt a plant-based diet, which began in earnest quite a few years ago.

While I pursued my career path in both art and photography, my passion for a holistic lifestyle and vegan cooking remained steady.

The story of PS.NY began in the fall of 2012, when my daughter Lara created an Instagram account for our red poodle puppy, Cookie. She called it “Pumpkin and Sunshine” after their nicknames. As Lara became older, she decided to change the accounts’ name to something simpler, thus PS.NY was born.

I helped Lara with running PS.NY until I took it over a couple of years later and the rest is history.